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Fightin' to the Top!

Ryan Evans' Journal

14 October
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Name: Ryan Brice Phillip Evans(but I go by Ryan or Ry' as Shar says)
Age: 16
Family: Mom(Angela), Dad(Daniel), Twin Sister(Sharpay), and Shar's Dog(Janni)
School: East High School(GO WILDCATS!)
Favorite color: Green
Favorite song: "Touchdown, Turnaround" - HelloGoodbye, but I'll listen to almost anything
Things I'm protective of: The theater, musicals, and Sharpay
Favorite food: Anything Asian
Favorite movie: X-men series (couldn't pick)
Favorite TV show: Family Matters
I guess that's it. Later.
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(OOC: I am not Ryan Evans or Lucas Grabeel, nor do I know Mister Grabeel. I wish I did but I don't. This journal is used for RP purposes only. Infobox credit: chubosaurus.)